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In a time when art seems to be on an equal footing with the mass medias’ vertiginous rhythm, the photography of Rubén G. Valverde (1971) burst onto the horizon as a unique, full of strangeness, and perhaps even anomalous event to the extent in which its emphasis is not put on easily winning acclaim or unanimous approval but on the momentum or the impulse previous to all human action: The very moment in which the photographic subject’s emotions intermix with — and thus correspond with — the surrounding elements. It is important to consider this feature to understand why the photographer describes his work as essentially documentary. As a matter of fact, along his vast career —which carried him to Australia, where he improved his technique, and New Zealand—, this artist has strove to discover, with the particular sight of the camera lens, not the pragmatic and apparently natural representation of contemporary life but the essential strings of human existence. Rubén has done all this from a perspective which excludes all hue of folklore and subordinates the aesthetic mandate to the supposedly realistic serenade of report photography. In the realm of the illustrated report, specificly, Rubén González has found one of the two channels that feed his photographic passion. The other is wedding photography. There his profession is under the imperative to give image to the emotions present, to make that unique moment eternal. 

Pável Briones.

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